Dec 19, 2016

Dwarven Conquistador

What if dwarves weren't all Scottish?

Dec 18, 2016

Sisters of Battle

A Penitent Engine and the Sisters of Battle that fight with it, including one of the Sisters Redemptia with the crazy eye and the 2-handed chainsword.  More illustrative with this one and on the big water-colour board the linework takes a a while.  Gonna go for some simpler designs next.

Forgot to scan the rough sketch again but here is the final product, a 3/4 finished one with 2 passes of colour, and the marker-sketch linework.

Take me to church.

Dec 1, 2016

Smut in colour.

So I am looking up these armies in Warhammer that I never played and try and figure out which troops or models of whatever would make for good pinups and I gotta be honest, the Dark Eldar don't need much in the way of exaggeration.  Also, kinda messed up, you can buy little figurines of slaves to lounge around as scenery.  Like, I don't think they do anything with regards to the game, you can just buy some knock-off slave Leia's to put near your Dark Eldar so they look cooler.  They should at least soak up a wound or something, is all I'm saying.

A couple of work in progress shots, super rough pencils and then I jumped right to the brush pen, but this is not a great idea on the watercolour paper.  The ink soaks in and bleeds a little bit without the paint layer in place.  Next time  I'll do the lines with a fine-tip, water colour it up and bring in the brush pen to add some line-weight at the end.  Also to cover up mistakes.

So here is a Haemonculus and her Scourge creations.  And a slave-girl.  To make them look cool.

Nov 28, 2016

More watercolour pinups.

The disturbingly sexy Genestealer Cult hybrids.

Nov 22, 2016

In the grim darkness of the far future, there are only pin-ups.

Wanted some more watercolour practice and I got the Warhammer 40k bug again.  Also I wanted to draw pin-ups so what we get (on some new bigger 11'x14' watercolour card) is a pin-up harlequin jetbike troupe.  I spent my evening lovingly shading shapely space-elf-butts.

Took a couple pictures of the process, simple forms, detailed pencil line, and a 1/2 way coloured shot.  Usually I do 2 passes of the colours to get some depth and shading in.  I really like the watercolour blending to just smooth out the pencil colours. Still looks better in person but they scan a lot cleaner than just normal coloured pencils.

Next up, some naughty and grotesque Genestealer Cultists.  Can't wait.

Nov 1, 2016

My buddy in Skyrim, resplendent in her Nightengale armour.

The best thing about learning to draw is being able to draw your friends as things that they like.